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A better ranking of business website pages in Google search results is called site SEO, which will lead to increased website visits and increased brand awareness, which will attract more potential customers and increase sales.

What is SEO?

سئو سایت

SEO or optimization for search engines is a set of activities that we do in designing and coding the site, developing a content strategy, creating content and creating external links in order to get a better position in Google search results and attract more visitors to the site.

But the definition of SEO does not end there. SEO is an abbreviation of three words, Search Engine Optimization, which means site optimization for search engines. But today, the concept of SEO has changed to Search Experience Optimization, which is equal to optimizing the user’s experience when searching.

in other words; We must attach special importance to the user’s satisfaction with the result found in Google.

why seo is important?

Billions of searches are done on Google every day, but the reason for the importance of SEO is not only the high number of searches

With the arrival and ubiquity of mobile phones, internet search has become a reliable and accessible tool for finding answers to questions, deciding whether to buy a product, or even finding the nearest bakery. The results displayed to the user after the search play an important role in his recognition and decision making process.

By investing in SEO, we will have the chance to be introduced to the audience at the right moment; When he needs a product or service and looks for a suitable answer for it, he turns to his trusted friend, Google.

trust of users; It is the trump card that has made Google such a big company in the world. The fact is that; We trust what is the result of our own search in Google more than the content that has reached us in the form of advertisements (banner, SMS, email, etc.).

seo means

Internet branding

Increase visits and rank

Increase sales and income

Steps to perform SEO site

Nowadays, SEO or search engine optimization is known as an effective marketing strategy and an expanding industry. In general, we call the following steps continuously and professionally SEO:

A beautiful and powerful website design is a good starting point for an internet business, but it is not a guarantee of success!

Just as the location of a physical store affects the number of visits and sales, it is important for an internet site to appear in the search results and gain a position in key terms, and to realize this, we need one thing; SEO

SEO (Organic Search)

Organic search is often the main source of website traffic.

Build trust and credibility of the site

SEO is a solid foundation for a beautiful site with a good and effective user experience that will be easily visible thanks to search results (serp).


Today, website users use different tools to view the website. So it is very important that the site is well visible in all dimensions.


One of the most important factors of successful sites is the observance and implementation of ui and ux principles. Every site must provide a good experience and feeling to users.

question and answer

The time to reach the first page of Google is different for each project based on the search volume and difficulty of keywords as well as other factors. Within a period of 3 months, you can see the progress of the keyword position, and usually it takes at least 6 months to reach the first page of Google.

You can use Google ads to increase site visits, more sales and quick visibility as long as your keywords are not organically (SEO site) on the first page.

The digital marketing team of Harant optimizes your site organically in the three areas of technical SEO, internal SEO and external SEO using the principles of white hat SEO and modern techniques.

Website SEO steps

SEO, or site optimization for search engines, is a competition in which success is a time-consuming, complex and continuous process. There are many techniques and methods to get a better position in Google results, each of which can have a positive impact in this process, but they have the necessary effectiveness when they are implemented in the right direction and with a specific goal. To succeed in site SEO, we need 3 main arms, which are:

1- Technical SEO

Standardization of site coding, observance of SEO principles in user experience design, standard markup (Schema) for better understanding of the nature of the page by robots, optimization of site speed, correct display on mobile, and such things are called technical SEO.

2- Content marketing

Success in SEO is almost impossible without content. Of course, we don't mean only textual content, but the image, video, audio and even the tools we provide on our site are effective in responding to the user's needs and Google's understanding of the quality of our content.

3- Targeted linking

Continuous and purposeful activity in social networks, presence in specialized forums, receiving backlinks from reliable and related sites, buying advertisement reports from popular media, etc., are called Off-page SEO. Activities that occur outside of our site will directly affect our position and rank.

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