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Mobile application design

If you own a business or are planning to start a business and you want to increase the sale of your services and products, you should think about designing a mobile application. The mobile application helps you to increase your competitive advantages and stand out from your competitors. Make your sales 24 hours a day and reduce your advertising costs. You can easily inform your customers about the latest products and services by sending notifications.

why mobile application?

Easy communication of users

Your customers can contact you very easily and they no longer need to open a browser and enter your website address. They solve their needs with the least click.

Providing offline services

You can offer many of your services offline to your customers and they don’t need to have internet anymore. For example, read articles or educational videos offline.

Send notification

You can reach all your customers without any additional costs such as SMS or email. By sending notifications to all customers in less than a few seconds, let everyone know about your news, products and discounts.

Conquest of new markets

If you own a business and do not have an application, you have lost an important possibility and advantage for your business. The business world is progressing and if you don’t ride the wave of this progress, you will definitely be left behind!

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Applications of mobile applications

Nowadays, mobile applications are not only used in different groups, but its place is no longer only in mobiles. You can have many smart devices such as TV, smart watch and car in your hand.

Types of mobile applications

Store application

Service application

File sales application

Corporate application

Educational application

Tourism application

News application

Medical application

restaurant application

Real estate application

sport application

Municipality application

Appointment application

Enterprise application

library application

Advertisement application

Transport application

Functional application

hotel application

Supermarket application

Social application

Messenger application

Exchange application

Insurance application

Features of a professional mobile application

Frequently Asked Questions

No, by no means, as the name suggests, Web View is a demo version of the Web, but the application club designs all applications natively and offers them in two versions, Android and iOS. You cannot often find Web View versions. Upload in application stores, but all the versions provided by the application club team will be uploaded in different stores.

In different plans, support will be provided for 6 months and 1 year for free. During this time, if your application needs to be updated, it will be done by our team in the shortest possible time and will be available to you. Note that all applications Those designed by the application club will have the ability to develop and add new features, and adding new features is not included in the free support services, and that feature will be calculated separately.

Yes, all the applications that are designed by the application club team will have the possibility of adding various features.Naturally, since you start marketing the applications, new ideas may come to your mind or you may want to add sections at the request of your users that all these cases will be done by our team

When placing an order and signing a contract, you will pay 40% of the determined amount. In the continuation of the work and receiving the graphics and other steps that are fully explained above, you will pay two more installments of 30%. Note that 30% The final is received after the final delivery and the start of the application.

All the applications will be programmed completely specifically and according to your needs, and the app maker is not ready in any way. From the beginning of the work, which is drawing the plan and graphic design, it will be designed and implemented specifically for your business, and in the following, Programming is the backend and frontend of the application, and the programming will be done exclusively.

There is no limit to the number of users and clients of your application, and the club team will run the application database and coding in a completely optimal way. However, with the increase of clients and users of the application, if you have not chosen a suitable server for the application, you may need to upgrade it. At the beginning, our team will suggest you the right server and whenever there is a need to upgrade the server, this can be done by us.


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