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Website design, mobile application, SEO, digital marketing, digital business with Haranet

Haranet helps the development and success of businesses by designing websites,mobile applications, electronic commerce,digital marketing and launching start ups.

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Haranet, smart choice

Haranet officially started its activity since 2017, specializing in website design, SEO and digital marketing, and currently has more than 10 years of experience in this field.Priority has always been given to quality and providing the latest website design methods.Haranet,considering to have several departments in the field of website design, SEO, digital marketing, social media, photography, Google AdWords, content production and programming with expert and experienced forces, is a good choice to have a reliable partner to start a business on the platform. It is the internet.In Haranet, we accompany our clients step by step until they reach their goals. In this series, you will benefit from free consultations at the beginning, and we will examine the goals and solutions and the path to achieve them, so that all the steps are clear. so that you can enjoy the website design and all the services of Haranet collection with peace of mind

Web Design By Haranet

In Haranet Collection, website design and implementation is done in two general ways:

  1. Implementation with redeay content managment system (cms): design and implementation website with a reasonable cost or cheap site. In this way, with a very reasonable cost and less time, you will own an updated website. But the main point here is that these websites are only suitable for general users, and if you have specific goals or needs, this type of website will not stand a chance against your needs.
  2. Implementation with a completely dedicated content management system (cms): design and implementation of a completely dedicated website suitable for the needs and desires of you or your business. In this method, at first all of your needs and desires are obtained in the first step, the appearance of the site is designed according to the needs and desires, and if approved, the coding and implementation of the site begins. In this method, any type of scenario and special possibility that may not exist until now is created and implemented.

Dedicated mobile application

Today, we see that most users prefer using mobile phones and tablets (hand tools) to computers and laptops (computers) and 74% of all people who use mobile phones are searching for information, paying bills, They order goods and book hotels and plane tickets, and finally 93% of these users make a purchase.
So, the best place to be present and be seen by your target audience is the mobile phone that is always and everywhere in their hand. It is true that nowadays websites are optimized for display on mobile phones, but websites cannot reach the speed and features of mobile applications, and this is exactly where the value of having mobile applications is very high.

The largest 24-hour business center

Charak is a very large commercial center that operates 24 hours a day

Business introduction

Charak allows businesses to introduce and present themselves in the digital space in the first stage.

Online sales of goods and services

Charak easily allows businesses to sell their goods and services online.

Online and local accounting

One of the most important needs of businesses is accounting, which does your local and online accounting well.

Introduction of goods and services

Charak allows every business to introduce and offer products and services.

Integrated storage

One of the needs of multi-branch and multi-warehouse businesses is integrated and optimal warehouse management. Char does this more quickly and easily.

Content production

Content is the king and those who produce good content in the digital world are definitely winners. So, the possibility of producing content for the quarter is definitely useful for them.

Human resource management

Among the other management facilities available in Charak for businesses is the ability to manage accesses and check the performance of employees, which has been met in Charak.