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what is blockchain?

Blockchain consists of two words block and chain. The literal meaning of blockchain is block chain (block chain); When we talk about chains and blocks in blockchain, we are actually talking about chains of digital information, and each block stores this information.

Each block stores information related to transactions such as the date, time, amount of your purchase from the site and the information of sellers and buyers in transactions. Instead of using your real name in transactions, your purchase is made without any identity information and using a unique digital signature. For example, your purchase is registered on the DigiKala site using your username. Each block stores a unique code called a hash to identify any activity on the blockchain.


Features of blockchain

In today’s world where the structure of the web and websites are all client-server and all the power and facilities are concentrated on the server side and it can do whatever it wants, blockchain has brought three important features that are highly welcomed by the public. has encountered


History of the Internet

The World Wide Web, or the World Wide Web in short, is an information system of interconnected hypertext files that can be accessed through the Internet. With the help of a web browser, you can view web pages (which include text, images, video and other multimedia contents) and move among them with the help of hyperlinks. The online space consisting of millions, if not billions of Internet websites is generally referred to as the “Web”.

So far we have experienced two versions of the web and we are about to reach the third version of the web


Advantages of the web3

Given that it is still too early to talk about the pros and cons of Web 3 with certainty, some of its salient features include:

No need for a central controlling body

By removing the controlling institutions, it will not be possible to control users' information or censor them.

Maintain ownership of user information

Full control of the information will be in the hands of the users and they can share them according to their discretion.

Run programs on all devices

The third generation of the web will allow applications to run on different hardware regardless of the type of device and at no extra cost.

Meeting the needs of users as soon as possible

As more and more products are connected to the Internet, large sets of data are being collected. This data is provided to algorithms for analysis, to provide more accurate information to meet the needs of users.

Reducing hacking and theft of user information

Since the information is decentralized and not kept in one place, hackers have to disable the entire network in order to hack and steal information, which is practically impossible.

web3 and blockchain

Some people mistakenly believe that blockchain is only a platform for transferring money and digital currencies and are unaware of its other uses. While Blockchain is one of the technologies available to start a decentralized web. Blockchain technology is the best future option for exchanging information in peer-to-peer systems due to its ability to store time and the nature of the transaction. The rules governing decentralized services are defined in an open source protocol. Users can use their chosen software with different features to interact with these protocols.

why we need blockchain?

The concept of blockchain was first introduced by Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta in 1991 as a chain of cryptographically secure blocks, and over time it opened its place among databases around the world. Digital business owners thought of using this technology to improve their business, and eventually the need to use this technology was felt all over the world. But there are three main reasons for the need for blockchain;

Increasing digital processing power

Due to its designed structure, blockchain requires higher processing power than normal data calculations. Blockchain design is defined by cryptography, and data encryption and decryption is inherently costly. Today, computers have more processing power thanks to the modern developed processors, which has led to the growth of the demand for the use of this technology.

Rapid growth of cybercrimes

Cyber ​​crimes have multiplied in the last few years. The hacking of more than one billion Yahoo accounts, the leaking of user information on Facebook, and the increase in malware damage are just a few of these crimes. Today, cyber security is one of the biggest challenges for internet business owners. Blockchain partially answers this need by using its powerful encryption system.

The emergence of Bitcoin and digital currency

Bitcoin and other digital currencies are one of the biggest reasons for the rise in popularity of Blockchain. Bitcoin is a digital currency created by an anonymous person named Satoshi Nakamoto who used blockchain technology to create and distribute secure digital currency.